CDInsight.Com – News: Wedlock’s “Continuity”

It takes talented people to do techno well. Wedlock, a band from North Carolina, thankfully displays that talent. Wedlock doesn’t exactly fit in to the “techno” category, and it’s always a good thing when a band doesn’t fit perfectly into one specific genre. While the music in the background sounds techno-y, the lead singer’s voice is breathy and soft, and isn’t overdosing on auto-tune. I’m a big fan of the breathy-voice, with Greta Salpeter (of the sadly disbanded Hush Sound and the currently together Gold Motel) being the champion of today’s scene.

Their newest LP, “Continuity,” was released on the Kounterfeit record label a few years ago, but it was just recently brought to my attention. Their songs are catchy without being overwhelmingly upbeat. They also seem to have meaning behind them, which a lot of music out there lacks.

The opening song, “Blameless,” is becoming one of my favourite songs. It was also featured on Bryanna Rain’s EP of the same title, and the lyrics are just so interesting to listen to that it needs multiple listens before the listener should decide on a firm opinion. “Emotional Ghost,” is a highlight, with a faster pace and proves that the lead singer can do more than croon along to slow-to-medium paces.

“Safety,” is the closing song, and follows my Closing Song Rules. The closing song must be the strongest song on the CD; it’s the last song that the listener hears before it disk ends and he or she must form an opinion about the collection of songs that he or she just listened to.

Cristen Kleindienst on June 17 2010 05:54:43

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